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  • I want Lana Parrilla to do Drunk History


    I bet it would be absolutely equal parts adorable and hilarious


    (hopefully Lana does do rum.)

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  • no1else-but-me asked : If you are still looking for promts. How about a missing year scene between Regina and Robin in the stables.


    So I decided to do this promt in the series I have already created in the lost year. It is the sequel to Secret Admirer and Just One Dance. I’m still taking prompts for the missing year to add to this series if there is anything you would like to see. Also taking general OQ prompts as well. :)

    Healing Touch

    Robin walked his horse towards the stables feeling sore in nearly every muscle in his body. He’d been on a week long hunt and on the way home he and his party had been attacked by a pack of flying monkeys. They’d lost men and he felt wary to the bone. It was beginning to seem as if they would never be rid of this witch who had made it her personal business to make all of their lives miserable.

    He walked into the stable and paused in his steps when he saw her standing there. He hadn’t seen her since that night at the ball. He’d wanted to but she had made herself scarce the next day, then the following day he’d left on the hunting trip. He studied her for a moment as he watched her. She was leaned into one of the horses cooing to it as if it were an old friend. She wasn’t yet aware of his presence and in this moment all defenses were down. She looked beautiful.

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  • regalsoulmates:

    This totally just happened. wondergail92

    Coca Cola never lies.”

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    Live with Kelly & Michael - Jennifer Morrison 23/07/2014(x)

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  • villainandhero:






    Now imagine your favorite character as a dorky, awkward teenager.



    this needs more than one gif: image


    and now let me remind you that that particular dork is actually 37.

    Now you may keep scrolling.

    whatta cutie pie

    Lana Parilla’s ability to portray a 17 year old while being 37 will always amaze me.

    You know that little thing called an Emmy, yeah, she needs one of those

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  • Spoilers are like covering your face during horror movies:

    You don’t want to see, but you just can’t look away.

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  • outlawqueensituation:

    The same speechless reaction, two loves apart.

    (gifs not mine)

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    "I can have everything"

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